Black jack apps

Black jack appsThere are a number of Blackjack apps available for the Android and iPhone markets. Each of these apps promises to be better than the rest. So how would you know which one is actually true? Here is a small roundup of two of the best Android and iPhone Blackjack apps available on the Internet today. Choose one of these apps depending on your smartphone operating system, and you can look forward to multiple hours of unadulterated fun.

Both of these platforms are trying to position themselves as the authority when it comes to mobile gaming, but even though the emphasis of many games will lie on 3D graphics there are still many that rely on gameplay more than anything else. So irrespective of the type of gambler you are, one of these apps will suit you for sure.

Best Blackjack Apps for Android

Real Blackjack: This app is a purely casual game. It seems to be aimed mostly at beginners. There are some advanced players who enjoy it as well, though. The games are supposed to be randomised, but if you play it enough, you will see that it is easy to get a high winning ratio for yourself.

The game is very entertaining and can fascinate almost anyone when they have 10-15 minutes to kill. There are a number of options to choose from, as far as the odds are considered, and there is even a basic guide to card counting to help you out. Newcomers can really benefit from this advice in real-time. All-in-all, it is a terrific app for Blackjack players.

Casino Blackjack: The first thing you will notice about this app is that it does not care much about looks. As compared with an actual game of Blackjack, the game seems quite balanced in terms of odds. The free version will allow you to play the basic game whereas when you upgrade to the pro version, you will get a number of additional features like EV, cheat mode, card counting, x-ray mode, and more. Cheat Mode stacks the deck to favour you while x-ray mode lets you see the dealer’s cards. These extra incentives make the game that much more fun to play!

Best Blackjack Apps for iPhone

Blackjack 2011: This is probably one of the best compromises for people looking to experience a great Android blackjack app while owning an iOS device. It has terrific presentation, and you can easily tell that the developers have tried very hard to mimic a real live situation. But there are not too many options for you to choose from, whereas the odds seem very realistic. The game also offers playing suggestions and supports EV reading for beginners.

Live Blackjack: This is the first Blackjack app ever which comes with a multiplayer option. At least it is supposed to. As of right now, as a matter of fact, the feature is still under construction. You could sign up for a full account or login using your Facebook account. The game looks really good and has a sort of cartoony feel to it, graphics-wise.

There are only basic options available as compared to many other apps out there, but the one thing Live Blackjack does really well is offer a magnificent level of gameplay. The app tries to emulate the feeling of a true casino by limiting how many chips you can play with. It is very simple for you to get some more if you do happen to run out, though. Overall, the graphics may be a little disappointing you, but once you start playing you will not care since the gameplay is really excellent.